Top High Schools in the World


  1. Melbourne High School
Located in the immaculate suburb of South Yarra, around four kilometers south of the CBD, the High School secures third in the state for VCE scores with roughly 32% of their student scoring about 40+ out of 50 in their subjects. This all boys school not just offers students a broad scope of VCE extracurricular exercises and subjects, yet additionally Vocational Educational Training (VET) for understudies who need to proceed to ponder an exchange after school.
  1. Diocesan School for Girls
This head young ladies school is known for creating the movers and shakers in New Zealand scholastics in some random year. Dio, as it's known, has a robust worldwide standpoint and urges the students to look past the shores of the country for tertiary investigation. This is featured by the way that it educates (and energizes) the IB (International Baccalaureate) educational program and have had much accomplishment as of late verifying students offers into schools, for example, New York University and Duke University in the US.
  1. North Sydney Boys High School
North Sydney Boys is a standout amongst Australia's most specific schools, and all things considered, has accomplished some extraordinary outcomes lately. One of the center qualities at the school, when contrasted with other particular secondary schools, is that it puts a substantial accentuation on extracurricular exercises; ensemble, sports, discussing, band, and network work are all center territories offered to students. A genuine advantage of going to a particular government-funded school is that the expenses are mostly not exactly tuition-based schools of a comparable standard. At North Sydney Boys, a little willful commitment is mentioned from families.
  1. Robertson High School
Mac.Robertson High School, or Mac. Rob, is a young ladies' government-funded school located in Victoria that is additionally a standout amongst the most exceptionally focused, particular optional schools in Australia. One takes a gander at Mac. Rob students' presentation and it's reasonable why its >determination procedure is so focused. Mac. Rob has a 100% fulfillment rate of the VCE (Victoria's secondary school leaving authentication), with 36.1% of students accomplishing marks of 40+ out of 50 for every one of their subjects.
  1. North Sydney Girls High School
The sister school of North Sydney Boys is the North Sydney Girls which keeps running similarly to its male partner: It's an exceedingly specific government school with an emphasis on extracurricular inclusion and student advancement past the normal class hours. North Sydney Girls does not provide any worldwide educational programs or even acknowledge global students, so the choice procedure is mainly centered around supporting nearby students in the national education plan. This is extraordinary in case you are planning to remain in Australia for college, yet on the off chance that you have goals to think about abroad, you should need to consider somewhere else.